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dots Quick Bio : [ deathbroken ] dots

Life Story:cant delete somehow


   My name isn't Kimberly, but its kinda of an alias. I love writing poetry and stories that involves sadness, guilt, hurt and such. Why? because my life is full of all these emotions. I live in a broken world, I'm labeled as 'unimportant'. Pain and hurt are constant things that i feel every single day, so if you may dislike reading about sadness, i suggest you don't come to read mine.

Why I Write:

   I write because writing is where i can be free with my words, my feelings, its a place where I and able to open up and finally be 'me'. I love writing because it helps me pass through the dreadful day and the wonderful night. Sadness and hurt are my thing.

Sites I frequent:

Just trying to get pass the day...
General Personality/What makes you unique?:
   I'm diffrent everyday, i do this so that i can hide the true me... I'm weird, funny, and just plain unique. I look at myself and i dont hate myself, and i dont love myself either.
I think im unique because i am me.

Edited 2006-12-04.