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dots Quick Bio : [ discombobulated ] dots

Life Story:conflicted


   bobbity bob bob, just like caesar, came, saw and conquered... the idea that writing poetry is a silly occupation to be immersed in when there are other far more fruitful things to be doing like saving endangered dolphins and dreaming about martian dust clogging up those cool nasa explorers.

bobbity bob bob is a conflicted idealist. he believes one should look to the clouds yet still remember one is attached to this annoying reality called the earth. such wild, flighty tempestuousness mixed with earthy, stolid resolve is his forte.

bobbity bob bob bobbity.
the end.

Why I Write:

   because playing piano is hard.

Sites I frequent:

this one, obviously. and a few other secret squirrel ones.

   polluting virgin minds with lasciviously-wrought pretentiousness.
General Personality/What makes you unique?:
   prim and proper, didn't ya know?

Edited 2008-06-21.