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dots Quick Bio : [ hybridmagnolia ] dots

Life Story:read and find out


   Life sucks, let's face it. There is nobody in the world that can say they haven't had that point in time where life completely sucked for them. There are several ways to cope with the hardships life throws in your face. Writing is one of those ways I cope with everything that goes down.
This is basically the first time I've lived in the US. I say that because the last time I was here, I was incapable of retaining any memory because I was an infant. Now that I'm here, not only have a left a frightful, painful past behind, but I've left a lot of really close friends behind too.

Why I Write:

   I write because I need some way I can vent the wonderfully crappy things that happen in my life. I often let other people vent on me. I really don't mind. It's just that sometimes I wish I had that person to vent on.

Sites I frequent:
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General Personality/What makes you unique?:
   personality... i have a lot of those. or at least it seems that way. read what I write and build from there. That's what a lot of people about me anyway.

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