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dots Quick Bio : [ iaida ] dots

Life Story:my life story..hmmm.


   My name is Mike Mitchell. My alias is "Iaida" which means most high in enochian. This is my stage name and band name for my very own solo project. I enjoy music very much, such as experimental, ambient, progressive metal/rock, some bm and dm, and I enjoy listening to sonds from all around the world. I like folk music. I enjoy, most of all, listening to the tabla, which is an indian percussion insrtrument.

Why I Write:

   I write to express what I feel within. I can't NOT write. This is impossible. No kidding. I write a few poems each day, sometimes more. I am uncontrollably addicted to writing.

Sites I frequent:

   Writing poetry/lyrics. Some times drawing. Learning to play musical instruments. Playing keyboards/bass. Doing vocals, most notably black metal/experimenatl vox. Creating music. Dreaming up my own worlds.....Reading Chuck Palahniuk novels...and for those who do not know...chuck is the writer of many best selling novels which includes fight club.
General Personality/What makes you unique?:
   I am truthful. I am passionate/dark. I write many unique poems/lyrics. I like weird movies/books/music.

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