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dots Quick Bio : [ kittycampbel ] dots

ASL:23 male uganda
Life Story:life is a but try


   Iam a very chanceful chap by luck I am. I am from a very poor family but let me testify to u my family's wealth has increased with my progress.
Am a very dedicated person in what ever I do and feel doing my duty is the main thing.Am a university Scholar really who likes seeing life inside out chillin,meeting new pals and one who vowed never to be associated to failure; let it come by misfortune but i will never let it come as long as long as the red inside my veins is still hot with youthfulness**AMEN***

Why I Write:

   I write not because i lack what to do but because some other person inside tells me I have some thing to give the world i find myself picking up a pen and feel some relief when i have seen some thing down.

Sites I frequent: : My Favorite! : Writing Tips

   I love poetry so much that out of my poems I have been in position to write lyrics of songs, of course music, martial arts(self defense)and athletics for fitness i like friends and so much more the list is endless......God bless
General Personality/What makes you unique?:
   No one can count i guess how many nick names I have aquired but I guess I can do so many things at ago

Edited 2005-03-17.