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dots Quick Bio : [ marysunshine ] dots

ASL:34, Female,
Life Story:Full of silly songs


   Born in Columbus, Ohio...Went to college and majored in Music Theatre and Dance. Went to New York and acted in a bunch of stuff. Took a job with a regional Theatre back in Columbus as resident actor/Casting Director...laid off after the towers fell...taught highschool...that sucked. Worked in let go. Got married...that's cool. Just decided to update this cause I want to get involved again.-..maybe. The thing that is a constant in my life is bartending...through it all-I'm a bartender. One needs a rock.

Why I Write:

   I don't really write...or do i?

Sites I frequent:


   Oh...they change. I read and watch T.V. I watch my husband perform in bands. I like to cook
General Personality/What makes you unique?:
   It changes often. There really is nothing general about me.

Edited 2010-07-02.