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dots Quick Bio : [ meoww ] dots

Life Story:synaesthetic


   far, far away, there lived a certain scamp named oliver doowop. his mission in life was to terrorise his inbred community with laser rifles purchased from darth vader. not only did he fail, but he managed to attract the attention of the dark side due to his exemplary skills in the kitchen. i mean, who wouldn't want to take over someone's world when someone can cook a mean pasta dish?

Why I Write:

   because they let me out of an asylum. sucks to be you.

Sites I frequent:

<----- ones like that one you can't see.

   diving into fishbowls.
explaining quantum physics to senile old biddies.
pretending to be an investment banker so i can get lynched by this new depression era mob of mortgagees.
debating why you should be the next recipient of the darwin awards.
cooking up some mean pasta.
General Personality/What makes you unique?:
   blinks. huh.
bugger off.

Edited 2009-01-04.