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dots Quick Bio : [ misty_of_moon ] dots

ASL:18/f/Right Here.
Life Story:I'm Alive o.o

Bio: it goes again...

my life...let's see....

i'm not what u would call an attractie person, but it doesn't matter...what one sees is not limited to their eyes but their imagination. i enjoy like as much as possible, heh, it is only as bad as we make it. i like the winter because i love snow. i love rain. i love to stand in it, i love listen to it hit the windows, i love to see it fall into puddles on the sidewalk. i enjoy reading other peoples work and listening to them talk. i'm in love with jsut about everyone i meet. i can't stand to hate people, but it happens. most of my life is consumed by what i'm doing at that second, like now, i am nowhere else but here. that's a general assesment of myself...

physically, i'm @ 5 foot 9, hazel eyes long brown hair.

Why I Write:

   i write because it gives me a voice that is limitless. it is what i do when i can think of no sound....writing is what i do when i'm scared, alone, afraid, in love, angry, filled with sorrow, hollow, or whatever i happen to be at any given moment.

Sites I frequent:

www.myspace,com <<-- my url is
this site of course <<-- it's my home >.>
wikipedia <-- i just can't get enough!!!!

   watching the weather
collecting cards
collecting rocks
drawing my crappy comics
writing my crappy poems
listening to music
playing online
abusing my messenger
listening to people talk
listening to rain
practicing my deadly ninja skillz
looking for absurd things to wear on my head
and waiting for the world to call
General Personality/What makes you unique?:
   if you didn't quite get it from my bio, then let me illiterate...
i fall in love with everyone
i'm a listener
i'm absurd most of my waking hours

Edited 2007-07-07.