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dots Quick Bio : [ rachel gless ] dots

Life Story:Living each day


   Haven't really had an extraordinary life. A girl with imagination, admiration to romantic authors, and fascination for fairy tales.
I think that sometimes I can relate so much to the authors of the Romanticism. However, I don't usually show this side of me. Sometimes I feel misunderstood, and I think I have bad luck... though I don't usually say or show this.
I don't understand many things, things that people say, and show, and then act differently.
People say I'm pretty and I'm smart, and even sweet sometimes, and I know that sometimes when I walk people turn. However, I'm always alone, I'm lonely.
It's not that I desperatelly need company, but what I complain about is incoherence. Fear probably, bad luck might be.
These will always be my eternal questions. My lack of comprehention to the world will always keep this hopelessly, and helpless girl writting.

Why I Write:

   Because that makes me feel free.
I tend to keep feelings inside, I'm not the kind of girl who likes to walk around the world showing people my real feelings, I've proved that when you do, you get hurt. SO writting frees my soul. I can say what I feel, I can be me.

Sites I frequent:

   Writting (obviously!! lol)
Hanging out with my friends
General Personality/What makes you unique?:
   I don't like leaving things unconcluded. I put a lot of heart into everything I'm interested in.

Edited 2005-12-10.