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dots Quick Bio : [ russiangopher ] dots

Life Story:college kid.


   I'm in college to be an RN right now, but also am thinking about doing something with writing. I spend my time doing homework, hanging out with my dog, partying, writing, being outside in nature, and goofing off. Normal teenage stuff, I think. Well, I think I will add more to this at a later point in time.

Why I Write:

   Because I must. I think that's why we all do.

Sites I frequent:

MYSPACE, or, as I like to call it, MYLIFE.

   writing, shows, riding my bike, socializing, my puppy- Zoey.
General Personality/What makes you unique?:
   I think I am different than a lot of girls in that I put a lot of value in my own emotional strength- although I don't think I come across as unfeeling. I have been told I am generous and caring, but also that I am heartless and terrible. Mostly I've been told that I'm intense. I guess that's what makes me unique.

Edited 2006-01-31.