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dots Quick Bio : [ selfbetrayal ] dots

Life Story:Bah


   Second year at uni, and not doing half as much work as I should fact doing very little but drinking too much beer and smoking too many fags.

Why I Write:

   Tends to be used a lot as a form of therepy...and a way of expressing feelings...stories however are a different matter, and tend to end up hitting far too close to home as I end up writing at least slightly about me...poetrys safer - I kknow when to shut up with that!

Sites I frequent: - another writing site - much the same as Ciao - guess what - another writing site (yes I'm sad)!

   Procrastinating at the moment and desperately trying not to do any real work..which means finding any time wasting things I can...and using them!
General Personality/What makes you unique?:
   Which one of my many? You have the vicious, the protective, the angry, the loving. The innocent little kitten which all adults rub my tummy - I rule. Or the fox, now if you want to know what I mean by this you'll have to ask my ex.

Edited 2008-02-28.