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dots Quick Bio : [ shaman ] dots

Life Story:Requiem For a Dream


   I grew up the youngest of three later a little sister was added via adoption.My two older brother made me quickly discover it was best to keep away from them and play quitely out of sight to avoid out right torture. They're good brothers the best in fact and no crueler than any other older civiling i can think of. I'ts amazing I made it to be on my own espeially with the years spent battling a mystery illness. But that's another chapter i rather concentrate on laughter. Ha Ha honestly who really laughs like that. The truth is laughter is one of those sounds words can't seem to capture. I do however kackle like a witch.

Why I Write:

    I write because maybe in the future I'll lift someone's spirit as they hear what I've spit and when words have bled from every fountain pen only the will I stop. Only then will i become immortal. The fountain of youth is a fountain pen; the imagination is eternal.

Sites I frequent:

   drums- gutiar- poetry-rapping-yoga-tai qi- meditation- massage therapy- painting- observation-drawing- reading-hiking-energy work/ healing- parkour,muay thai-capoeria-Making friends with God- free style, kung fu; staff and s-word play.
General Personality/What makes you unique?:
   It seems I become more of a child by the day and I pray that I may recapture that childish sense of hope and wonder.

Edited 2007-03-18.