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dots Quick Bio : [ theDevilsPocket ] dots

ASL:23 Female
Life Story:


   I've lived through hard times,
As well as the most of you.
I've endured what a child should never have to.
Some things happen for a reason, and they shape us Into the people we are.

Sometimes your curse can be a gift.
Sometimes when you win.

Why I Write:

   I'm here, full of unorganized emotion and I must vent.
You can’t just trust anyone with your thoughts,
So I put them on here amongst some strangers,
who just might be able to relate.
Sometimes you just have too much in your mind, and you need to see what it looks like once it's written down.
Why does anyone write?

Sites I frequent:

   I love Vampires.
Anything that that is commonly looked over.

I find a precious tenderness in what is often neglected.
General Personality/What makes you unique?:
   I don't care with what I say… if something needs to be said I say it.
Sparing no one’s precious feelings.
I have no tolerance with people who have no idea with what they are talking about and talk too much.
I appreciate every individual in my path, as long as that's indeed what they are.
Rather than a casing of collected personas.

Edited 2007-07-27.