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dots Quick Bio : [ vintagepepper ] dots

Life Story:rawr..


   high school graduate (graduated early) currently attending Miami University. planning on moving to chicago after graduating college.

love writing, love drawing, love painting.

Why I Write:

   because i love it. and because it is an outlet for me. i am better at expressing myself in written words rather than spoken words. i dont know why. its just easier for me when i write them down on paper. its a collective thing i think. i dont know. but yea. writing is just a release...or an expression for me.

Sites I frequent:

   painting, sculpting, drawing, singing, listening to music, drinking, hanging out with friends, writing, sleeping, movies, myspacing, working, reading (occasionally), eating
General Personality/What makes you unique?:
   im a rather different person...or so im told.?? artistic. i like meeting new people...preferably those who are not immature. i'm a city girl. beaches just arent my thing. i like to have fun. im funny and nice and shy until you get to know me. mmhmm..

Edited 2006-03-23.