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dots Quick Bio : [ wanderingpoet16 ] dots

Life Story:simple.


   I'm a 16 yr. old student in a small town in SC. I'm interested in all walks of life and different cultures and religions, parapsychology, psychology, forensic pathology, astrology, astronomy and child psychology.

I especially love learning new languages, travelling, and animals...oh yeah, I do a little writing on the side I hope to one day be some sort of psychiatrist or pathologist and have a few poetry anthologies out. I've always wanted to go skydiving and diving/snorkelling. I'm in band and...well...I play clarinet....not that great, but you I also do a little singing as well. I can't cook and I suck at knew...

Why I Write:

   It's an enlightening process to me. I'm not loud or outspoken by nature, so I voice my opinions loudly and strongly on paper. I'm always reading something every change I get, so writing helps me to put in practice all the awesome words I find. Did I mention I'm fascinated with words? lol...Plus, I've always had somewhat of a natural abillity towards writing, so it's basically all i've ever known. I don't know how or why, it's just something I do...embedded in my personality. It's healthy, time consuming, challenging, and lets me express myself entirely the way I am. Also I think I might be able to make a little $$$ with my writing. Who wouldn't write for that??? lol

Sites I frequent:

Oh of course:
There are others...I just can't think of them right now...:)

   Clarinet, school of course, writing obviously, learning spanish and french, stargazing, writing and listening to all types of music, reading, listening and helping others, volunteering, talking on the phone, sleeping (lol), pondering world domination, drawing, daydreaming, watching horror movies, visiting museums and art shows, going to theatrical performances, singing, playing cards...I kick a$$ at spades (I knew they were going to censure a$$...hehe)
Ummm...what else do I do...taking long drives, watching the rain, laughing deviously at the unfortunate expenses of others, designing halloween costumes, going to theme parks, riding rollercoasters, debating with myself and others close to me, keeping a journal, and failing geometry. I think that's about it.
General Personality/What makes you unique?:
   I've been described as a caring person who has a lot of intrest in people with a strong nature and courageous attitude towards challenges. I don't think I'm that oh well. People describe me as sentimental and forceful, determined and thoughtful, creative, evil, artsy, a goody-goody, devious, understanding, unwilling to follow the crowd, charming, perceptive, religious, easily angered, laid back, and advanced for my age....all those people that said that...they were on some serious crack. hehe.

Edited 2005-03-06.