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dots Quick Bio : [ xaingua ] dots

ASL:16/Female/A quiet place
Life Story:an Adventure


   I've grown up in s very closed minded place all my life. Though I'm surrounded by music, lyrics are always missing.

Why I Write:

   It is my way to deal or express in any situation. I write to show people what cant be said in words or what would be weird to say in reality but not in my own little world.

Sites I frequent:


   I like to write (of course) but I also enjoy painting and drawing. I also love being involed in my school but partly becuase the let me paint the walls of our new school buiding... yeah... I go to a private school...
General Personality/What makes you unique?:
   I am a laid back person who either loves or hates and I do both with extreeeeemeee passion lolx. I think I'm unique because of my mind. Im not like most girls... I mean as far as I can tell I hardly share anything with my classmates other than I am always the one giving them advice even though I am the risk taker lolx....yeah....

Edited 2007-07-10.