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dots Quick Bio : [ xtremegentleman ] dots

Life Story:In Process


   Brian Poem is a spoken word powerhouse. The 24 year old wordsmith from Fort Lauderdale, Florida has been shaking up the South Florida spoken word scene since his emergence in April 2006. His knack for using repetition and smooth flow easily make him one of the most gifted poets in South Florida poetry. Not to mention his compelling, thought provoking lyrics most notable in conscience pieces like "Cry Out" and "The 1 Cause of Death". Although Poem thrives on such pieces, he is no rookie to romantic comedy, scripting lines like "...if I'm shattered like a mirror then I want you to fix me/and once I'm all together through your intimate correction/I want you to look at me and then see your own reflection/and me and you as one will only constitute perfection/I want you like an old man on Viagra wants erections..." in his fan favorite "I Want You". His ability to capture and lead the crowd through poetry pieces can be accredited to him being labeled as "The People's Poet". In June 2007, Brian packed out Troy's Lounge for his Spoken Word CD debut "The Writer's Block". The CD features eleven tracks of Spoken Word impeccability beginning with the fire hot title track. Brian first began performing poetry for church events. His success there allowed him the opportunity to perform for then Florida state Governor Jeb Bush in January 2004. After recognizing the power in his God-given gift, he branched out to Voicez & Vybez at Troy's Lounge, an open-mic venue, where he quickly became a favorite. It was smooth sailing from there. Brian Poem began to receive performance requests from producers and organizations all over Broward County such as The Boys & Girls Clubs, The Urban League, Florida CORE and AIDS Awareness Poets to name a few. Poem is currently working on his sophmore release "Streets & Sheets" due out June 5, 2008.

Why I Write:

   I write for the ones who can't express themselves
Give thought to the ones who can't bless themselves
I can't relieve the naive who seem to stress themselves
Why do people want to change people when they're just themselves
I write for the ones who can't lift themselves
Put it down for them, they don't have the gift themselves
They scribble a couple of lines then they hit themselves
Trying to figure me out when they don't get themselves.

Sites I frequent:

   Writing, Performing Arts, Basketball, Music, Organizing, politics
General Personality/What makes you unique?:
   Uniqueness is a thing of the soul. Holler at my soul for the answer...

Edited 2008-04-22.