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    Wicked Prayer

    Mood: Yeay!!

    Posted on 2006-11-20 22:18:29

       i am making a role play chat on another server. if you would like to join, here is the basic information on the role play. i haven't got it put up yet but when i do, i will give you the link and more information on it. email me at crazyrailz04@sbcglobal.net if you would like to join. its going to be called wicked prayer so put that in the subject line. thank you and i hope you consider playing^_^

    The war that everyone has feared has come. The war that tore the world apart. The world between heaven and hell. The poor world between the two had no chance of surviving. Hell won the war so now the earth belongs to hell's ruler. Earth is now in ruins while demons and dark angels run the land. There are very few humans, elves, and few other creatures that roam the earth. Most fear for their lives so they hide among the ruins in groups. There is a group of some of the remaining species left who have become demon hunters. They seek out the demons and dark angels destroying these blood thirsty creatures who say they rule their home. Some say they see angels helping the demons and dark angels. They are the fallen angels. They aid the demons and dark angels because they swore their souls to the ruler of hell after they lost the war. They were instructed to eliminate the remaining species on the earth, but very few know that there are still 'good' angels around. They are the broken angels. They survived the war and pledged that they would turn the world back to what it once was. There are very few of them left. Some of the dark angels did not like the turn out of the war so they turned from hell and are helping the broken angels and last surviving creatures of earth. They are the rebel angels.

    And so begins the war now between the remaining angels from heaven, the remaining creatures of earth, the creatures from hell to bring back the world to its glory and bring the balance back. Which side are you on?

    Fallen Angel: They are the angels that thought that they had to join hell's instead of standing up for their heaven. They pledged their souls to the leader of hell so they could stay alive. They are found on the world's surface because they are still angels but since they denounced heaven they were stuck between heaven and hell because not even the ruler of hell could trust them fully. They have the white or blue wings of heaven's angels, but most wear dark armor now.

    Rebel Angel: They are dark angels who despise the leader of hell and what they have done to the world. They aid the broken angels and surviving creatures of earth in their attempt to bring the world back to what is once was and bring the balance back. They look just like the dark angels with their black or red wings. Their armor is dark just like the dark angels and fallen angels. Its hard to tell the difference between them.

    Demon: They are the second darkest creature of the underworld. They only listen to the dark angels or the leader of hell. They are a blood thirsty creature bent on completing their task. They were told to destroy all remaining life on earth. They are normally used for assassinating the remaining angels if any are found.

    Human: There are very few known humans left on the surface. Most of them hide among the ruins of the earth scavenging for food and water. Most of their species died during the war, but some managed to stay out of dangers way. Some of the have come together and found weapons to aid them in killing the demons and dark angels.

    Elves: Along with the humans, there are very few of them left. Some have magical powers in which they use to aid the humans and broken angels destroy the demons and dark angels. They wish that their world would go back to the way it was. They know that the balance needs to go back to what it was or all is lost. They have elven weapons and armor that aid them some what but it doesn't always work against the dark angels powers.

    Dark Angel: They are the dark leader's darkest and evilest creatures. They are the angels that fell from heaven back in past before the war began. They have dark demonic powers which are strong. They are out to kill the broken angels and remaining humans and elves. They wear dark armor and black or red wings. They are even more blood thirsty than the demons.

    Broken Angel: They are the last of their kind. The rest of them turned on them going to the other side. There are only a few of them left to defend earth against the dark side. They aid the humans and elves the best they can but their powers have dwindled from the war and the end of heaven. They have white or blue wings and light colored armor. They try to blend in in their human form so they might be able to keep their kind alive.


    Untitled Entry

    Mood: KILL!!!

    Posted on 2006-11-17 20:43:22

       well i have moved on now. i am living with my soon to be husband. i am very in love with him. but as you all can see by my latest entry i still have feelings for others. i feel that is because you can never truelly stop loving someone once you have loved them. its some what directed at some one but at the same time not. we all have our secrets. so i hope you all enjoy my writings and hope you will comment on them. thank you

    Untitled Entry

    Mood: Depressed

    Posted on 2006-06-13 11:40:45

       i'm gonna be working on another poem soon. hopefully i can get it done between work and home stuff. its going to be about a man i truelly cared about but left me to rot on 666. oh well whatever i'm not in the mood trying to be happy ya know^_^ yeah whatever....

    Untitled Entry

    Mood: Kill me now....

    Posted on 2006-05-30 00:04:52

       man i guess i'm a slow writing huh? oh well. i mostly write in my blogs any way. can't come up with stuff like poems. oh well i guess. i a crappy mood. fighting with darren...that normally almost always puts me into a poem writing mood specially when he doesn't really seem to care that we are fighting and just goes off into his own little world instead of talking to me. oh well fuck it.