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Crystal Bradbury

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    Mood: Thinking...

    Posted on 2007-09-14 11:30:19

        I've been through alot the last littl ewhile but I am managing to get through it. I have alot of thoughts going on but I choose to deal with them when I can. Sorry I haven't posted latley I have ideas but no time to sit and write out. But peace cya ya'll!

    Hey Guys

    Mood: The Usual

    Posted on 2007-08-03 22:26:26

        Have you seen water ever split like and eathqauke! Crazy I know...But dance lessons are over and hey it was pretty fun!I can DANCE! :P Anyways I'm gonna submit! Peace Out!

    Go Gangsta

    Mood: Lazy

    Posted on 2007-07-22 22:22:05

       Hey Guys! Not doing much just chillin..But to tell yall about my good news:P I get to start my dance lessons tomorrow and I'm pretty stoked about that!..Anyways gotta run! Peace <3


    Mood: Yeay!!

    Posted on 2007-07-01 15:37:05

       Hey everyone...Do you know what day it is?:P...I"M OUT! Fireworks at 11...So hope you all have a good day!

    CANADA KICKS ASS!!!!!!!!



    Mood: Yeay!!

    Posted on 2007-07-01 15:34:54


    Wantz Ze Bebe

    Mood: The Usual

    Posted on 2007-06-30 13:09:07

       Wow! Hey guys sorry I haven't been on for awhile..Out doing my own thing I guess...I've come up with more great stuff well I'm not sure how great but I'll post it soon just dropped in to see how tings are...Later days love ya'll


    Mood: The Usual

    Posted on 2007-03-28 22:41:46

       Didn't do much today..my tummy was kinda upset..I've been writing more lately just have to find time to post them..OMG talking to an ex crazy and he remembers (you girls know what I'm talking about:P)Anyways ttyl..BALLIN


    Mood: The Usual

    Posted on 2006-10-30 18:49:29

       Found out some pretty harsh shit latley and the sad things are that I'm stuck in the middle like usual..Can't wait for Halloween though party it up!!..I'm going to school as a princess and then when it gets late and scary I'm gonna change from princess to possesed for Halloween never thought it would come to that anyways l8er days!

    Guy/Sex Theroy

    Mood: Moo! 0.o

    Posted on 2006-10-04 20:57:07

    Pleasure=Sexy Guys


    Close 2 Home

    Mood: Sigh...

    Posted on 2006-09-28 18:58:48

       Well today when I was talking to my DAC (Drug&Alcohol consler) she got really close to home and well basically I told her how my past still somewhat taunts me when I look in the mirror..it's hard to explain if you don't know me but some people will get it..but ya I tried so hard to fight back tears today but then I got to school finished my double-double :) and joked around with the idiots in my metalworks class..but thats all for now..Peace out