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    Untitled Entry

    Mood: Guess what!?

    Posted on 2005-10-21 14:53:27

       Well. after a long few months of not having internet, i finally have it back. Woohoo!!! maybe I can get my creative slush a slushin again after not writing anything for practically forever...go me!

    Untitled Entry

    Mood: The Usual

    Posted on 2004-12-16 15:11:26

       well..... it's been a while..I haven't written anything lately.. been too busy. but I'll try to find some inspiration...but for now, I'm off to Starbucks...later.. ~Jeremy~


    Mood: Yeay!!

    Posted on 2004-09-16 01:57:35

       anyways..like the title says.....YAY!!!!!!!!....I talked to Jayme, and it was just a misunderstanding...she didn't see when i asked her if she thought I was just a guy....I'm really glad that I didn't jump to conclusions too much...although i did jump to one enough to think that she didn't think of me as anymore that "Just a guy"......I'm soooooo happy right now! She even stayed up past her curfew to talk to me...since i didn't get online until 2 am (11 pm her time) and her curfew is 12 midnight (9 pm her time)...but she stayed up two hours later just to talk to me....I felt so special..but i was kind of aggravated at her for staying up past her curfew...but i'm glad she did...I wouldn't encourage it, but since she did it, I can't do anything about it..but tell her not to do it again..I don't want to get her in trouble with her parents....that's the last thing i want to do...Anyways....now that I'm not bummed, maybe I can get my creative juices flowing again...after "Just A Guy" i didn't think i could write anymore about anything but band, and stuff not related to Jayme...but I think I'll reconsider now that I'm more than just a guy....I can sleep very happy tonight! anyhoo, i'm tired...time to hit the field in a few minutes....goodnight!!!


    Mood: Depressed

    Posted on 2004-09-14 23:33:45

       ok..today started off as a pretty good day...and stayed that way until like ten minutes ago.. I was talking to Jayme and I asked her a simple question.. "How do you view me, Jayme?" and you know what she said..? "as a guy who know what he wants (me) and that would treat her like a princess, and how a girl should be treated."... and then I asked "So I'm just a guy to you? Nothing more than just a guy?" ( I know..i get dramatic..) and she didn't answer. then after a few minutes..she quickly announced that she had to go...which I can understand because 9 pm is her curfew..but i don't get why she didn't answer my question... I'm kinda bummed now cuz I think of her as so much more than "The girl that I would treat like princess." well, i would treat her like a princess, don't get me wrong..But she's more than that to me..she's who i want to hold every day, she's who I dream about every night, she's who I view as my girlfriend...and I definitly would like to keep her around for a long time..She's so great.. I mean..come on.. I write poetry for her! Maybe she just "wants" me, and that's it..nothing more, end of story... I don't like to think that though..but it does cross my mind..and when it does I get bummed...and we have awesome conversations..we can talk for a long time.... which is something that I have struggled with a lot in the past.... aaaahhhh...i'm so frustrated and bummed out....I don't know whether to cry and say "it'll be ok tomorrow..I'll work it out then..." or just to go to bed and forget about it..after all, she did have to go....she just didn't have time to answer me.. but would i be lying to myself if i chose the later one? I know i'm being so dramatic, but i don't care...this is a big deal to me..cuz I hardly ever get bummed out.....I don't know.. maybe I should sleep on it and just ask her about it tomorrow night when I talk to her again..the only way to work it out is to talk to her about it....then I'll know for sure.. yeah.. I'm gonna do that..I hope I'll be able to sleep.. all this drama! I feel like a teenage girl in high school! oh well...I'll just have to wait and see what she says...


    Mood: The Usual

    Posted on 2004-09-14 12:24:15

       Alrighty...the Band Nerd in me is breaking surface once again...I can't keep him hidden forever...just look at my icon thingy, lol.... Ok... i know, I know..."We Are the Band Nerds!" is really cheesy..but you know what? I don't care...only bandos (aka Band Nerds) can know what a hassle marching through soggy grass, mud and holes on a Band Field (yes, i said BAND field, not football field.." can be...Since I was in the pit, when it rained hard and the grass got really soggy, they made me push the Marimba because i was the so called man of the pit...haha...great days those were..I was the only guy in the pit.. five girls and Moi! I remember this one time the grass was so soggy that we had to pick the Marimba up and carry it to its place by the 40.....I'll never foget that as long as i live, cuz we were almost to the 40 when i lost my grip and it dropped on my toe...which broke it..when a Marimba falls from a foot and a half in the air...it's gonna hurt something..I was so glad it didn't fall on my hand..then I wouldn't have been able to play...*whew!*..so I was able to play the show and get it loaded back onto ET (Equipment Truck) when we finished...yeah...great memory! anyhoo...i'm done going down memory lane, well for now at least.. I salute all my fellow Band Nerds out there!


    Mood: Relaxing

    Posted on 2004-09-14 10:54:46

       YAY FOR ME! I wrote another poem...haven't decided what to title it yet though..you'll know when I know....yeah..i worked hard on this one..i think it's a good one..but It can be better..everything can always be better...


    Mood: Sniffle...

    Posted on 2004-09-13 23:11:30

       ......yeah, that's right...BOF! The day wasn't as lousy as It could've been...but it wasn't great either....first of all...I totally bombed at my audition for the community wind ensemble....my lips turned to butter on the last line of the friggen music! (cuss word, cuss word, very explicit cuss word)...All the trumpet players out there know how that goes... I was playing the "Music of the Night" from the "Phantom of the Opera" and after I nailed all of the "above the staff" stuff...(all the way up to "C" above the staff..) my lips died..but at least I got all of that...It's not that much of a loss considering I had been playing for a least two and a half to three minutes nonstop...plus the warm up time..plus the sight reading...and the scales...so yeah....but I know that I could've lasted through the entire piece cuz i've done it before..(Yeah..I'm a Band Nerd! and I'm very proud to be one!)...it's gonna be a nerve racking week for me..I won't know if i made it or not until friday..*bites nails*....After that i have an interview at 9 am....and I don't normally wake up until at least 11:30...so I'm gonna have to wake up at 7:30 to get there on time...
    But would've really made this day worth it was if Jayme had've been online..but she wasn't...I don't know why....I hope she's okay..I'll send a few offline messages and let her know I'm worried about her.. and hopefully when I get on tomorrow night, she'll be on or have left me some messages too....And so I start counting all over again the hours untill I'll talk to her again... 20 hours, 52 minutes, and 36 seconds till we'll most likely talk again..bummer...I don't know if I can wait that long...I hope I don't die waiting..(I can be melodramatic sometimes..please pardon...) GET ONLINE JAYME! I NEED YOU! I MISS YOU! I'M GONNA DIE IF YOU DON'T! JAYME!!!!......ok..i'm done with that part...(I hope I made you laugh..or at least chuckle.. I like to make people laugh.....) anyways..i'm gonna hit the field for tonight..I'm sleepy...but I know I'll be back up in a few minutes with something else to write....lol.. L8R.... ~Jeremy A. Clark~



    Mood: Yeay!!

    Posted on 2004-09-13 00:09:57

       like the title says YAY!!! I finally got to talk to Jayme again.. I'm so happy. There's nothing like talking to Jayme...it's so awesome.. We always have great conversations..and she's so random sometimes. It's so cute. Even though it's annoying, i wouldnt trade it for anything. We talked about our weekend, and our upcoming plans for the week...which i'm totally booked all week..hardly any free time, except for at night. I'm a night owl, so I live on four hours of sleep. And since Jayme is three hours behind me, this works out perfect. I can stay up and talk to her and still get plenty of sleep.. I'm off tomorrow, so i'm gonna sleep all day..or at least until lunch. Then i'll find something to do while i wait nine hours to talk to Jayme again. I count the hours until I can talk to her again. I talk to her in about 20 hours....haha..i know.. it's pathetic isn't it...i have nothing better to do than count the hours until i get to talk to the most beautiful person in the universe....well, at least to me she is..and i don't care what anyone else says..yeah.. anyways..i'm going to go do something constructive for once...then I'll go to bed...maybe..L8R.


    Mood: Sigh...

    Posted on 2004-09-12 20:19:09

       I ate my mac and cheese and a couple of sandwiches. They were really good. Then I took a nap until 7 pm. It was a great nap..but when i woke up i was cold. brrrr. Right now i'm waiting for Jayme to come on.. I try to remember that she's three hours behind me, wich makes my wait seem longer. I haven't talked to her for two days...and I really miss her.. I think I'll go write a song for her or do something constructive to take my mind off of her until she gets on. Oh well... L8R


    Mood: Thinking...

    Posted on 2004-09-12 12:12:52

       Well....hmm..just got back from church.. good service. I'm hungry though...really hungry. Time for some Easy Mac. I miss Jayme more now.. I started thinking about her again. Stupid me. Hopefully she'll be online soon....hopefully. Yeah, anways..like I said..I'm hungry so I'm going to go chow down on some Easy Mac..and maybe some kind of sandwich and then maybe take a nap..i'm kind of sleepy too..