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    Mood: The Usual

    Posted on 2007-11-30 16:27:58

       well...what can I say? well...nothing


    Mood: Stressed

    Posted on 2007-10-24 18:31:36

       I'm kinda depressed and very sick. I haven't been able to do anything lately. So yeah, I'm a little depressed about being sick.


    Mood: Relaxing

    Posted on 2007-09-03 12:23:46

       Well....I haven't been on here in such a long time. I've been more focused on school and such. Plus I have found myself a new Boyfriend who I am very happy with. We have been spending so much time together and there has been little time for other things. But now we have school coming up so focus is being shifted again to the other important things. ^_^


    Mood: Guess what!?

    Posted on 2007-03-27 05:39:03

       Prom was amazing!!!!!!


    Mood: Dead Sexy

    Posted on 2006-12-14 16:39:08



    Mood: Depressed

    Posted on 2006-12-02 07:09:21



    Mood: Guess what!?

    Posted on 2006-11-30 16:58:56

       omg, I was told by my friend that the boy that I have a crush on, might be asking me out tomorrow! I'm so excited!


    Mood: Hyper

    Posted on 2006-11-25 11:54:40

       just wow...interesting thanksgiving break...

    Stupid People

    Mood: Stressed

    Posted on 2006-11-08 07:31:41

       Well, today I found out that I do not have any school, because a bomb threat was called into my school. Last week it was my brother's school, today it's my school. Why are all the highschools being targeted?? So now I haven't been to school in 2 days, since yesterday was election day and our school had off.


    Mood: Ugh... I hate my life.

    Posted on 2006-10-24 19:58:36

       I just did one of the hardest things i have ever done in my whole life...Say goodbye and mean it.