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Audrey !!

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    Mood: Lazy

    Posted on 2008-02-19 18:54:43

       I definitely forgot all about this website. This is pretty cool. I've been sitting here laughing at all my old writings.


    Mood: Relaxing

    Posted on 2006-04-12 18:14:19

       Guess whattttttt?
    It's officially spring break.
    From this afternoon 'til next weds.
    Thank you all for your awesome comments.
    If I havn't commented you back, I'm sorry. I'll try to comment back as soon as I can.



    Mood: Yeay!!

    Posted on 2006-02-01 17:07:01

       Well...I haven't made a journal entry in awhile.

    Actually I haven't been on here in awhile. Really busy, ya know? Things are slowing down though, and so I'll have more time for this =]



    Mood: Bored

    Posted on 2005-11-06 12:00:39

       I want to submit another poem but it won't let me!! Grr....lol

    I'm bored. As I am on most Sundays. There is absolutly nothing to do I swear. I don't go to church or anything special like that. I guess I'll comment on more people but yeah after commenting on so many poems it gets boring after awhile. Even though you all have some great poems.



    Mood: The Usual

    Posted on 2005-10-08 09:43:42

       Hey people...I really need to comment on your writings. So I'm off to build my generosity level. I might submit another poem later.


    Mood: Overwhelmed

    Posted on 2005-08-20 22:58:29

       Hi everyone. Just submitted a new poem. Hope ya like it. I'd appriciate a few more comments on everything...I mean come on you have 21 things to choose from could you at least comment on one?

    What a day. Whew. Someone (( the girl in my poem )) ratted my other friends and I about well...everything to her mom, because she thought that if she told about what we did her mom would compare it to whyever she was in trouble, and she would get in less trouble. Very dissapointed in her, I've been her friend forever. -.-


    Untitled Entry

    Mood: Just Hungry

    Posted on 2005-07-17 10:34:09

       Hey guys, I'm randomly commenting on people's poems and stuff at the moment. I wish I had more comments...come on people please? =P My reincorperation level is 102% at the moment.

    Have you ever had a friend you you love but they cause all sorts of trouble and dismay in your life? That's pretty much what's going on here...*sigh*



    Mood: Relaxing

    Posted on 2005-07-12 12:13:45

       Hey...havn't been on here in quite awhile. Then again, I havn't been writing a lot lately. I've been busy. And lazy. I'm going to start writing again. (or typing...lol)


    Mood: Crazy

    Posted on 2005-05-06 23:04:56

       hi! pretty good day..got out of school early..went shopping with muh friend..as usual could find no jeans that fit and were normal..gr..but it was fun!

    i need to go on a diet. lol yeah that was random.

    *yawn* i ate a whole bag of cheese today. it was yummy. i need to get my friend a bday present. i also need to get a job over the summer. WHOOHOO! SUMMER! 28 more days till summer break! *dances*



    Mood: Moo! 0.o

    Posted on 2005-04-09 21:28:16

       yay i got comments! i love it when i get comments so im sure everyone else does too, therefore i will comment on people's work!

    i had a pretty good day, after i cleaned the stupid house i walked around all day with friends Jamilla and Lauren which was fun. Played DDR, went on computer, etc. it was awesome. laurs brother Zach (hes 2 years younger than us but hes cute) was with us half the time but he wasnt all that annoying (cept when he INTURUPTED MY DDR PLAYING)

    its actually pretty cool on elite skills, because none of my friends know about it so i can post whatever i want. i'll of course eventually show it to them but for now its my secret ^_^