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Andy Dickerson

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    So Sweet!

    Mood: In Love

    Posted on 2005-05-21 16:21:54

       I'm sure many of you have been in love before. However, have you ever felt a feelings and love somebody so strongly in hurts when you are apart? Have you ever loved somebody so much you would give anything of yourself for the other person? Have you ever loved somebody so much that whenever you see that person, the darkest of days can become the best of days? This is a fraction of the love im feeling for my Suven (Mimi). How I love you Mimi! Making so many long hours of waiting totally justified by just hearing you say hello in that comforting voice of yours. Talk to you online. 143 6 ~4. ~Olah89


    Mood: In Love

    Posted on 2005-01-17 17:47:13

       OMG...Cant stop thinking of you. Im supposed to be reading, but...thats not working. I keep thinking of past moments. Cant wait for tomorrow! I get to see you again! haha. Love you Babe!