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    it won't

    Mood: The Usual

    Posted on 2007-10-12 18:58:57

       it won't allow me to have long journal titles like i need and that bothers me.

    my mother is in the music room having a voice lesson with anna who is at least 18 years younger than her. i'm sitting in my room on my windowseat just listening to pandora and writing a journal entry because i have nothing else to do. hopefully someone will actually leave me some comments and i'll get some feedback in this long grueling hour on the laptop before i go to the normal computer.

    i had rehearsal today. danny & dan weren't there and god did that make me so happy. i wasn't plagued by taunts or caressed by long tendrils of greasy hair that listens to crappy screamo music that he refuses to admit to be screamo.

    i'm starting to being in this play. i didn't get a lead like i normally do, and shakespeare is just not my thing. danny thinks he's the best thing that ever happened to theatre when he's just a good singer and actor. i can't wait until he gets into college and he meets people who are more talented & luckier than he is. oh that'll be the day.

    there is so much more i want to say, but i think i'll save it for another time.