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    my baby.

    Mood: Thinking...

    Posted on 2008-01-08 20:59:56

       i haven't been here in too long. just got my internet back after four months of deprivation, and trying to catch up...

    look at some of my stuff, you might like it. most of it's inspired by the love of my life, lauren (ren).

    if you're interested i'd say try the newer stuff first, it's definitely better than the old.

    thanks to anyone who reads this.

    comments appreciated!!!


    lovely misery.

    Mood: Straightening things out...

    Posted on 2006-12-06 06:28:39

       this marks my return to the older and lovelier misery. i knew it was getting to be too long since we last held hands.

    so when is the last time i wrote about something other than you?

    before i fell into this bottomless pit...
    but the pain will all be over when i finally hit.



    Mood: i love him...but i hate these whores.

    Posted on 2006-11-03 06:46:12

       if i asked, it would be easy for you to say that you love me more than life...the more difficult question is, do you love me more than you hate living?

    my very own original thought. so proud.



    Mood: Thinking...

    Posted on 2006-09-25 07:00:28

       so i haven't been on eliteskills in a while...almost all summer. but i kept writing and i have 0 hour comp apps in school now so i use it to my advantage. i have a lot of new stuff and a lot of catching up to do so please comment, it means a lot to me.

    much love, and thanks.