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    Mood: Say please...

    Posted on 2009-05-25 15:36:10

       Dear journal,

    Today is day three. To honour this fact I shall sit and think for three minutes, in quietness much like silence only not quite, about the meaning of life on this website.

    . . . . (I need to give an illustration to symbolise my action) . . . .

    So, I figure the role of any character on this website it to play the role of a silent hero. Of course, this is self-proclaimed nonsense and a consequence of american media, "the diamond cut individual." I will cure them of their maladie, and perhaps one day I shall receive recognition for this fact. Something curious happened last night, while I was gone; somebody responded. For a first response, I must say I am quite disappointed. There seemed to be a mix of ignorance and stupidity in the response: The person in question completely ignored my advice, and continued to try to make me feel guilty for giving them advice, as if I was the demon that plagued their piece and kept it from perfection. In light of their pestilential behaviour, I have opted to simply not respond. This has, however, not been an entirely negative thing. I've decided that the moment I receive a response that is semi-pleasing, I shall respond with a post. Until then,

    That is all.



    Mood: I do not like this place.

    Posted on 2009-05-24 01:36:50

       Dear journal,

    Today was a very quiet day. I would like to add a sardonic undertone and say that it may even have been a good day to die. I'm certain my valkyrie would have raised me to the halls of Valhalla, simply for having survived such a monotonous ordeal. I should reiterate my past concern: this place has yet to show me indubitable human life, and I am beginning to question whether or not this is even real. This place seems to be founded on nothing but empty axioms -- or at least full of empty people, empty in the sense that they lack any virtuosity. There again, my thoughts may be a little dramatic; perhaps there is a secret here yet to be discovered, one that will require more time and patience than I have yet afforded it. And perhaps this is just wishful thinking. I do not know much of anything yet, and I shall thusly give it more time.

    Tata lovely thoughts.



    Mood: It's been a long day..

    Posted on 2009-05-22 18:00:51

       Dear journal,

    It is officially my first day on this website, however I feel slightly unnerved. I've given other people's poetry a go, and they don't seem to know a thing about how it is done. There is also the issue of this website being unsatisfactory. Things such as: it says I've been here for 0 days, these shiny objects that seem to be without purpose, and lastly, people seem unresponsive. The stipulated preamble to this website, or the motto as some might say, is reciprocation; I've given and given, and I've yet to see any sign of human life. Perhaps this place has become a desolate island, and I am marauded here hopelessly. Maybe not.

    For now, I will have to sign off a little disgruntled. Perhaps I will post a few poems when people are more cooperative.