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Curriculum Vitae Analysis

Author: Poetry of Lisel Mueller Type: Poetry Views: 185

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19921) I was born in a Free City, near the North Sea.2) In the year of my birth, money was shredded intoconfetti. A loaf of bread cost a million marks. Ofcourse I do not remember this.3) Parents and grandparents hovered around me. Theworld I lived in had a soft voice and no claws.4) A cornucopia filled with treats took me into a buildingwith bells. A wide-bosomed teacher took me in.5) At home the bookshelves connected heaven and earth.6) On Sundays the city child waded through pineconesand primrose marshes, a short train ride away.7) My country was struck by history more deadly thanearthquakes or hurricanes.8) My father was busy eluding the monsters. My mothertold me the walls had ears. I learned the burden of secrets.9) I moved into the too bright days, the too dark nightsof adolescence.10) Two parents, two daughters, we followed the sunand the moon across the ocean. My grandparents stayedbehind in darkness.11) In the new language everyone spoke too fast. EventuallyI caught up with them.12) When I met you, the new language became the languageof love.13) The death of the mother hurt the daughter into poetry.The daughter became a mother of daughters.14) Ordinary life: the plenty and thick of it. Knots tyingthreads to everywhere. The past pushed away, the future leftunimagined for the sake of the glorious, difficult, passionatepresent.15) Years and years of this.16) The children no longer children. An old man's pain, anold man's loneliness.17) And then my father too disappeared.18) I tried to go home again. I stood at the door to mychildhood, but it was closed to the public.19) One day, on a crowded elevator, everyone's face was youngerthan mine.20) So far, so good. The brilliant days and nights arebreathless in their hurry. We follow, you and I.


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