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Bankers Are Just Like Anybody Else, Except Richer Analysis

Author: poem of Ogden Nash Type: poem Views: 14

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This is a song to celebrate banks,

Because they are full of money and you go into them and all

     you hear is clinks and clanks,

Or maybe a sound like the wind in the trees on the hills,

Which is the rustling of the thousand dollar bills.

Most bankers dwell in marble halls,

Which they get to dwell in because they encourage deposits

     and discourage withdrawals,

And particularly because they all observe one rule which woe

     betides the banker who fails to heed it,

Which is you must never lend any money to anybody unless

     they don't need it.

I know you, you cautious conservative banks!

If people are worried about their rent it is your duty to deny

     them the loan of one nickel, yes, even one copper engraving

     of the martyred son of the late Nancy Hanks;

Yes, if they request fifty dollars to pay for a baby you must

     look at them like Tarzan looking at an uppity ape in the


And tell them what do they think a bank is, anyhow, they had

      better go get the money from their wife's aunt or ungle.

But suppose people come in and they have a million and they

     want another million to pile on top of it,

Why, you brim with the milk of human kindness and you

     urge them to accept every drop of it,

And you lend them the million so then they have two million

     and this gives them the idea that they would be better off

     with four,

So they already have two million as security so you have no

     hesitation in lending them two more,

And all the vice-presidents nod their heads in rhythm,

And the only question asked is do the borrowers want the

     money sent or do they want to take it withm.

Because I think they deserve our appreciation and thanks,

     the jackasses who go around saying that health and happi-

     ness are everything and money isn't essential,

Because as soon as they have to borrow some unimportant

     money to maintain their health and happiness they starve

     to death so they can't go around any more sneering at good

     old money, which is nothing short of providential.


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