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Part 9 of Trout Fishing in America Analysis

Author: story of Richard Brautigan Type: story Views: 7

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Saturday was the first day of autumn and there was a festival

being held at the church of Saint Francis. It was a hot day

and the Ferris wheel was turning in the air like a thermo-

meter bent in a circle and given the grace of music.

  But all this goes back to another time, to when my daught-

er was conceived. We'd just moved into a new apartment and

the lights hadn't been turned on yet. We were surrounded by

unpacked boxes of stuff and there was a candle burning like

milk on a saucer. So we got one in and we're sure it was the

right one.

  A friend was sleeping in another room. In retrospect I

hope we didn't wake him up, though he has been awakened and

gone to sleep hundreds of times since then.

  During the pregnancy I stared innocently at that growing

human center and had no idea the child therein contained

would ever meet Trout Fishing in America Shorty.

  Saturday afternoon we went down to Washington Square.

We put the baby down on the grass and she took off running

toward Trout Fishing in America Shorty who was sitting un-

der the trees by the Benjamin Franklin statue.

  He was on the ground leaning up against the right-hand

tree. There were some garlic sausages and some bread sit-

ting in his wheelchair as if it were a display counter in a

strange grocery store.

  The baby ran down there and tried to make off with one of

his sausages.

  Trout Fishing in America Shorty was instantly alerted,

then he saw it was a baby and relaxed. He tried to coax her

to come over and sit on his legless lap. She hid behind his

wheelchair, staring past the metal at him, one of her hands

holding onto a wheel.

"Come here, kid, " he said. "Come over and see old Trout

Fishing in America Shorty. "

  Just then the Benjamin Franklin statue turned green like

a traffic light, and the baby noticed the sandbox at the other

end of the park.

  The sandbox suddenly looked better to her than Trout Fish-

ing in America Shorty. She didn't care about his sausages

any more either.

  She decided to take advantage of the green light, and she

crossed over to the sandbox.

  Trout Fishing in America Shorty stared after her as if

the space between them were a river growing larger and



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