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Turns And Movies: Zudora Analysis

Author: Poetry of Conrad Aiken Type: Poetry Views: 133

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Here on the pale beach, in the darkness;With the full moon just to rise;They sit alone, and look over the sea,Or into each other's eyes. . .She pokes her parasol into the sleepy sand,Or sifts the lazy whiteness through her hand.'A lovely night,' he says, 'the moon,Comes up for you and me.Just like a blind old spotlight there,Fizzing across the sea!'She pays no heed, nor even turns her head:He slides his arm around her waist instead.'Why don't we do a sketch together-Those songs you sing are swell.Where did you get them, anyway?They suit you awfully well.'She will not turn to him-will not resist.Impassive, she submits to being kissed.'My husband wrote all four of them.You know,-my husband drowned.He was always sickly, soon depressed. . .'But still she hears the soundOf a stateroom door shut hard, and footsteps goingSwiftly and steadily, and the dark sea flowing.She hears the dark sea flowing, and sees his eyesHollow with disenchantment, sick surprise,-And hate of her whom he had loved too well. . .She lowers her eyes, demurely prods a shell.'Yes. We might do an act together.That would be very nice.'He kisses her passionately, and thinksShe's carnal, but cold as ice.


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