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The House Of Dust: Part 03: 07: Porcelain Analysis

Author: Poetry of Conrad Aiken Type: Poetry Views: 133

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The House of Dust1917You see that porcelain ranged there in the window-

Platters and soup-plates done with pale pink rosebuds,

And tiny violets, and wreaths of ivy?

See how the pattern clings to the gleaming edges!

They're works of art-minutely seen and felt,

Each petal done devoutly.Is it failure

To spend your blood like this?Study them . . . you will see there, in the porcelain,

If you stare hard enough, a sort of swimming

Of lights and shadows, ghosts within a crystal-

My brain unfolding!There you'll see me sitting

Day after day, close to a certain window,

Looking down, sometimes, to see the people . . .Sometimes my wife comes there to speak to me . . .

Sometimes the grey cat waves his tail around me . . .

Goldfish swim in a bowl, glisten in sunlight,

Dilate to a gorgeous size, blow delicate bubbles,

Drowse among dark green weeds.On rainy days,

You'll see a gas-light shedding light behind me-

An eye-shade round my forehead.There I sit,

Twirling the tiny brushes in my paint-cups,

Painting the pale pink rosebuds, minute violets,

Exquisite wreaths of dark green ivy leaves.

On this leaf, goes a dream I dreamed last night

Of two soft-patterned toads-I thought them stones,

Until they hopped!And then a great black spider,-

Tarantula, perhaps, a hideous thing,-

It crossed the room in one tremendous leap.

Here,-as I coil the stems between two leaves,-

It is as if, dwindling to atomy size,

I cried the secret between two universes . . .

A friend of mine took hasheesh once, and said

Just as he fell asleep he had a dream,-

Though with his eyes wide open,-

And felt, or saw, or knew himself a part

Of marvelous slowly-wreathing intricate patterns,

Plane upon plane, depth upon coiling depth,

Amazing leaves, folding one on another,

Voluted grasses, twists and curves and spirals-

All of it darkly moving . . . as for me,

I need no hasheesh for it-it's too easy!

Soon as I shut my eyes I set out walking

In a monstrous jungle of monstrous pale pink roseleaves,

Violets purple as death, dripping with water,

And ivy-leaves as big as clouds above me.Here, in a simple pattern of separate violets-

With scalloped edges gilded-here you have me

Thinking of something else.My wife, you know,-

There's something lacking-force, or will, or passion,

I don't know what it is-and so, sometimes,

When I am tired, or haven't slept three nights,

Or it is cloudy, with low threat of rain,

I get uneasy-just like poplar trees

Ruffling their leaves-and I begin to think

Of poor Pauline, so many years ago,

And that delicious night.Where is she now?

I meant to write-but she has moved, by this time,

And then, besides, she might find out I'm married.

Well, there is more-I'm getting old and timid-

The years have gnawed my will.I've lost my nerve!

I never strike out boldly as I used to-

But sit here, painting violets, and remember

That thrilling night.Photographers, she said,

Asked her to pose for them; her eyes and forehead,-

Dark brown eyes, and a smooth and pallid forehead,-

Were thought so beautiful.-And so they were.

Pauline . . .These violets are like words remembered . . .

Darling! she whispered . . . Darling! . . . Darling! . . . Darling!

Well, I suppose such days can come but once.

Lord, how happy we were! . . .Here, if you only knew it, is a story-

Here, in these leaves.I stopped my work to tell it,

And then, when I had finished, went on thinking:

A man I saw on a train . . .I was still a boy . . .

Who killed himself by diving against a wall.

Here is a recollection of my wife,

When she was still my sweetheart, years ago.

It's funny how things change,-just change, by growing,

Without an effort . . .And here are trivial things,-

A chill, an errand forgotten, a cut while shaving;

A friend of mine who tells me he is married . . .

Or is that last so trivial?Well, no matter!This is the sort of thing you'll see of me,

If you look hard enough.This, in its way,

Is a kind of fame.My life arranged before you

In scrolls of leaves, rosebuds, violets, ivy,

Clustered or wreathed on plate and cup and platter . . .

Sometimes, I say, I'm just like John the Baptist-

You have my head before you . . . on a platter.


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