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Ripe Fruit Analysis

Author: Poetry of Robert Service Type: Poetry Views: 174

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Songs of a Sun-LoverThrough eyelet holes I watched the crowd

Rain of confetti fling;

Their joy is lush, their laughter loud,

For Carnival is King.

Behind his chariot I pace

To ean my petty pay;

They laugh to see my monster face:

"Ripe Fruit," I hear them say.I do not laugh: my shoulders sag;

No heart have I for glee,

Because I hold aloft a hag

Who grins enough for me;

A hideous harridan who bears

In crapulous display,

Like two grub-eaten mouldy pears

Her bubbies ona tray.Ripe Fruit! Oh, God! It's hell to think

How I have drifted down

Through vice and dice and dope and drink

To play the sordid clown;

That I who held the golden key

To operatic fame,

Should gnaw the crust of misery

And drain the dregs of shame.What matter! I'll get soused to-night,

And happy I will be,

To sit within a tavern bright,

A trollop on my knee. . . .

So let the crazy pipers pipe,

And let the rapture ring:

Ripe fruit am I - yea, rotten ripe,

And Carnival is King.


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