• Brief guide to commenting:

    Comments are essential to improving your own works. By reading through the works of others you can better understand what it is to be a 'unique writing' and make yourself standout by observing the strengths and weaknesses of others. It is very important that the comments be as helpful as possible towards improving the writing rather than just saying how great or how bad it was. If you do not have time to comment or will not have time in the future please be curtious and do not submit. One should not ask for help if they have the time to take but not give aid in return at some point. Time is to be respected. Compliments are fine, but please try to tell the authors how the writing made you feel. The more details and specifics, the better.

  • Bad Comments:

    "Wonderful <>! You put a lot of emotion into it. I can tell. Great write!!!!1 Have a great day. Keep writing. -Bob" ...
    "It created some nice images. I like the flow, way to go."
    "This really speaks to me. You did a great job!"
    Now is it really possible to tell if this person even read the writing? That's how you know if the comment was good or bad; you can't tell if they just skimmed through for partial detail or actually read it. If it was bad just send a polite note to the person making it either referring them to this page or asking them to take more consideration into adding details to their feedback(then lead by example, give a quality comment).

  • If I can't find words!?
    Then you're not helping by saying, "great job". That's just a kick in the face to the writer. You won't always understand a writing on first read. If it's complicated don't just say they are a genius, try to connect to the writing as best you can an express your interpretation or how it made you feel. If you can't say anything about it then don't try to just throw a bad comment in.

  • What if I just really like it?
    Then elaborate on what makes you really like it. What if everyone only got "GREAT WRITE!!!11" comments? That wouldn't help us improve any. Think feedback rather than compliment. If you do compliment try to connect with the writing and add detail: "When you said '...quote' it really made me connect to the time I... and the way you structured it makes it feel like it's swaying and contributes to the piece."

  • I think of the first thing that comes to me!
    You don't help any by saying, "I relate, lots of emotion, great write." Put some time into the technical aspects and think about rewording the writing. The real world is not about smilies and compassion. It's about having substance behind your words and having a helpful impact. If everyone just said, "that was cool, that sucked get over it, that was great, the flow was nice, too complex for another read through so I'll just say your brilliant, etc" it would ruin the integrity of the site.

    For a more detailed comment guide try this [ comment guide ]

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