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Saying it to you with some gangsta shit written by Daniel Barlow
an explanation of how i was not good written by Daniel Barlow
Bre-anna written by Daniel Barlow
Some of it written by Daniel Barlow
less is more written by Daniel Barlow
... written by Daniel Barlow
"other people don't get that" written by Daniel Barlow
Stance written by Daniel Barlow
Bam written by Daniel Barlow
Broken Promises written by S.A.M.
Where is My Ghost written by ForgottenGraves
Everyone written by poetotoe
Bam written by Daniel Barlow
Legends written by poetotoe
untitled written by Chelebel
All Time Low written by Janesaddiction
Watch them Die written by HisNameIsNoMore
Still written by HisNameIsNoMore
Convergence written by HisNameIsNoMore
Love and Solitaire written by HisNameIsNoMore
Skulls Beyond the Palisade written by HisNameIsNoMore
To the Epilogue written by HisNameIsNoMore
Tides of Man written by HisNameIsNoMore
Dirge of Nostalgia written by HisNameIsNoMore
The Last to Walk the Earth written by HisNameIsNoMore
Lunch written by HisNameIsNoMore
Aftermath and Waltz written by HisNameIsNoMore
Blood to Plowshares written by HisNameIsNoMore
Limbo written by HisNameIsNoMore
ME written by jjd

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