What about Elite Skills?

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Account Creation Date: 5/26/03

  • What makes this site unique?
    Feedback is actually given. Many just get flooded with submissions. This site has a strong degree of interactivity among the users that is unsurpassed.

  • Cheesy Facts:
    The book in the main image of the site is "In Black and white" by Kipling that my grandpa(very old, errm, not you grandpa, the book). The feather on the book belongs to my witch of an aunt's 30 year old parrot in Mexico. No, literally, she's a self proclaimed witch. The IDs of the submissions are based on square roots. You can see them at the bottom of the page. 1414213561+submission id for the comments and 173205080+user id for user pages. The percentages on the sidebars of eliteskills aren't images. They are a very small font of colored "||||||". That's why they don't show up in netscape. The kindness award is a picture of my arm holding a whiskey bottle. It looked cool and nobody seemed to wonder so I left it. I initially used it as a school project to go with an analysis of a Robert Burns poem. No profit has been made from the website but no ads will breach its integrity as an educational resource foremost.

  • The Webmaster
    Initially when the site started the database had to be edited through DOS. That meant I had to keep manually inputting data for testing while learning mysql. If I made a typo in the huge script it would have to be written again. The first host cost the site a lot of time and forced it to be down several times. Because only until today did they release my domain, which I paid for, I haven't told the full story(they monitored my site). I'll add details later. They were evil. I did not know programming when I registered the site. The layout took one night and the Elite Skills letters image only took 10 minutes. I still can't replicate a better copy for them after trying a few months later even when using more time. I made it in my spare time even though having 5 advanced placement classes and varsity soccer to deal with. The advertising to populate it was one of the hardest to earn accomplishments but it finally worked. I'm proud to have so many people appreciating something I worked so hard at creating. It's cost me quite a bit but from the compliments the payment has been more than compensated. Time is always the greatest cost.

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