Why the evil sheep?

This is an educational writing site. The evil sheep means you have taken more than you have contributed to it in feedback. If you don't have time to comment please don't submit. The purpose of this site is not to create submission galleries of your personal work. You should not have time to ask for help again by submitting if you haven't given back to those that gave you feedback the first time. Many build their egos off the bad comments of "Brilliant write, you rock!" that new users leave if the work is too complicated to spend time on. Time is to be respected, no matter how good or bad the writing is. The best way to improve is analyze the strengths and weaknesses of various styles and see what stand out most. How can someone's writing be unique if they don't see what the average is? No one is above reading the works of others. It will only help build personality and depth to personal works at least by being aware of the common response.

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