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Flawed Poetry

Spoon feeds emotion without anything really poetic. Everything is directly stated to where there's nothing to be guessed or inferred by the reader. It's usually a personal rant venting emotional conflict within the author.

(does not have to have all to qualify)

1. First Person (I, you, we, us)
2. Third person talking about themselves through another character.
3. Sometimes a dialogue between the writer and whatever is in emotional conflict with.
4. Rhetorical questions asking whoever "why?" to the person or people in emotional conflict with the author.
5. Repetition of words like just because, sometimes, whenever, at the beginning of each line.

-Writer Traits-
(does not need all to qualify)

1. Never rewrites
2. Usually written while venting
3. Edits few times while in the process of writing
4. Usually young between 13-17 (main age 14, 15) but can continue on
5. Often writing about teen angst (dread in emotional conflict of current situations)
6. Often written while venting something

-Common themes-
(does not need all to qualify)

1. I'm in love! (It's all okay now that you're here with me, nothing else matters)
2. You broke my heart (Now you must die!, why oh why?, I gave you everything)
3. I cry (oh why, oh why)
4. Pity me I am shy (I'm so alone, I've been through more than you'll ever know)
5. Nobody understands me (nobody knows me, knows my pain, or has been through what I have)
6. The mask (mirror, outer personality, cheerful outside but I'm depressed inside.)
7. They (Why can't they understand me, why are they so mean)
8. Nothing matters (I'm ghetto and overwhelmed, I can't keep up so I'll just drop it, it was never important, nothing is)
9. I HATE EVERYTHING (life just really sucks)
10. I hate you! (usually friend betrayal among girls, but also commonly parents)
11. What is abstract concept (Person writes about what they think of death, love, life, etc)
12. This just sounds pretty (short collection of words the author thinks sounds cool)
13. I like Nature (same as above, over grazing green plains and powerful mountainside)

-Time Spent- 2-10 Minutes writing.
No revisions

-Reason for posting-
1. Wanting Acclaim
2. Wanting Understanding (kun U rel8?)
3. Wanting Pity or Sypathies
4. Wanting Love
5. Wanting someone to listen to their venting. "relating"

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