Getting Started on Elite Skills

Welcome to Elite Skills!

  • Submitting:

    Click the submit button ^^. You MUST give comments to others users if you expect to get comments. If you do not want to, do not submit.

  • Giving Comments:

    You can see the submission in Elite Posts on the right navigation bar. You can access any poem in the elite posts by just clicking its title. Scroll all the way down to post your comment. It is strongly urged your check out the [ comment guide ].

  • Viewing Comments:

    Go to your user page by clicking "Your Page" on the right navigation bar. Then scroll down. You'll see the names of your submissions. It'll have V: # and C: # under the submission name where V stands for views and C stands for comments. Click the title of your piece and scroll down to see the comments of others.

  • Replying to Comments:

    See the "viewing comments" section above. Right below the person's comment you'll see a "reply to this" button. It sends you to the users page where you can thank them and argue any points.

  • Other Site Features:

    After logging in you're sent to the user page where most of the site features are available. To see private messages and comment alerts just go to your user page by clicking on the 'Your page' link on the right navigation bar.

  • Guidelines:

    The first thing people usually ask is 'where is the submit button?'. What makes this site unique is it is not for personal submission galleries, it is for improving your writing. Feedback is essential in this system so we ask all users to try to give as many comments as they have received. "Think feedback more than compliment." The more you comment with quality feedback the more feedback you get on your work.

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