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Personal Commenter:

  • Traits-
    (does not have to have all to qualify)

    1. Gives a personal connection with the writing.
    2. Usually offers something to improve upon.
    3. Does not limit themselves to only giving compliments.
    4. Points out the specific parts in the text and gives detail on what they think and how it makes them feel(other than 5. hollow words like 'good', or 'happy')

  • Comments to-
    1. Connect with the piece and the author.
    2. Improve the writing.
    3. Encourage the author.

  • What makes a good comment?-
    (does not have to have all to qualify)

    1. Did the comment express views other than saying it was "good" or "bad" and a small compliment?
    2. Did the comment present something not already stated?
    3. Was improvement offered?
    4. Is it obvious the person gave time to the comment?

    User Commentary:

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