Most Asked:

1. How do I add a personal fave or change my name?
 Edit Profile

2. Where am I?
 In a writing critique site.

3. What are shiny objects?
 Distracting and entertainingly useless virtual currency.

What do you want to know?

1. How do I comment, post, reply, etc?
2. I'm ticked off with another user or frustrated with the system.
3. How do things work here?
4. I want helpful advice.
5. Unresolved system problems.

  • How do ... ?

    1a. How do I submit? Comment? Reply?
    1b. How can I be a featured member?
    1c. How do I get rid of the evil sheep?
    1d. Stalk someone?
    1e. Other

  • I'm ticked off with another user or frustrated with the system.

    2a. Another user has been harassing me.
    2b. Another user bashed my poetry!
    2c. I'm getting horrible comments.
    2d. I don't like the ratio system.
    2e. What's with comment length?
    2f. Why the evil sheep? I don't have time to comment.
    2g. Why all the restrictions?
    2h. Why the censors? WT*!?
    2i. What is the policy on religious debates?

  • How do things work here?

    3a. What is this site?
    3b. Someone commented. Should I do something?
    3c. What is Karma? How does it work?
    3d. What is the Elite Ratio?
    3e. What is a good comment?
    3f. Why so much Poetry?
    3g. What is the average submission?
    3h. How do I setup a personal favorite?
    3i. Where do I go if I have a question or problem?
    3j. How can I suggest something?
    3k. How do the awards work?

  • I want helpful advice.

    4a. How do I improve my writing?
    4b. How should I comment?
    4c. How should I reply?
    4d. What if I can't find anything to say?
    4e. I want to learn about the site.
    4f. What about negative feedback?
    4g. Tell me something I didn't know!
    4h. Are my work and ideas protected here?
    4i. Poetry/Writing helpful vocab..
    4j. Poetry structures: sonnets, limericks, etc.

  • Unresolved Problems.

    5a. People don't spend time on their submissions.
    5b. People don't revise their writing.
    5c. Comment wars. Flood of bad comments.
    5d. The greedy. High amount of posts and low comments.
    5e. Teen angst poetry.
    5f. Bad comments.

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