How do I improve my writing?

Check out the classics section for famous poetry. Reading will improve your writing the most. Originality is gained from standing out from the rest. By analyzing the strength and weaknesses of other writers you will learn techniques and styles that you will partially absorb to improve your writing. Patience is key. Rewriting is very important as it accents what makes the best writers stand out. If there feels like there's nothing left to write then write more. Spending time concentrating will bring the writing to a new level. Time is the biggest cost. Play the games in the forum, read the classics, work to give quality feedback to other members(they just might do the same for you), and most of all, be patient. It's not a game, to muse is everything. Do you remember your last dream? How does your refrigerator work? How does a digital watch know how much a second is? Or even the unanswerable. Does fate exist? Are we all victims of circumstance? Then what is innocence? Why do teen girls waste so much time on MTV and shopping?

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