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dotsJournal: Webstuffdots
Mood: Thinking...

Well just finished the classics search engine. It's still has a few small bugs and a little work but it'll be out soon. Ebook downloads completed. Still peeves me to see at the very top of the ranks. I have a really good comprehension now of how the search engine algorithms work. I tried to emulate it through the elite ratio and it's a pretty neat concept. It'd feel really nice beating those bums.

Google seems to be redesigning it's websites almost as anti-weblog. You get penalized if the page is a blog. With the massive blog boom the search engine probabilities driving the webranks were seriously skewed in several fields. I guess part of it depended on people not knowing how the page rank worked. Hopefully it doesn't warp results too much.


...Created 2004-06-30 07:26:23

dotsJournal: dots
Mood: The Usual

"The shallow drowned lose less than we." From "The Same Deep Water As You."

...Created 2004-06-30 05:51:16

dotsJournal: dots
Mood: The Usual

"The shallow drowned lose less than we."--From "The same DeepWater as You"by The Cure.

...Created 2004-06-30 05:46:36

dotsJournal: hmmmmdots
Mood: Tired

well i need sleep and ya. just got a new job, roofing w/a friend, its going to be a long and hard summer, but i will not just let it pass me by anymore.
well maybe for a few hours...

...Created 2004-06-30 04:15:59

dotsJournal: in vacuo 2dots
Mood: Paranoid

signed up to exorcise a ghost
choked on what I feared the most.
luminous @ http's most cryptic lair
my lover's naked soul laid bare.

stumbling, sweat drenched, wall of death
adrenaline's quickening heavy breath,
eye balls rolling, leaden feet.
Troop the Colour? Beat Retreat?
or Ctrl- Alt-Delete?

Don't let the awkward squad fire over my grave.
Burns 1834

...Created 2004-06-29 16:56:59

dotsJournal: Tireddots
Mood: Overwhelmed

I had a tiring day. I had work all day today and I'm about to be out all day tommorrow and Wednesday. It never ends.

...Created 2004-06-28 22:37:23

dotsJournal: dots
Mood: Crazy

when i think about life,the explanation reminds me of myself.very crazy an either rules or it me!days come and go,then intertwine w/ the last,until time keeps going and your no longer paying thing you know,5-10 years out the window.where the hell does it all go?moments so slow they blend into another,there goes my life!in the blending of some moments.but if i knew then what i know now,you ask?well,damn!i wouldnt have broken so many precious hearts,i wouldnt be looking for the reason why my moneys all gone.i'd have gone to school far far away,and did mint,cause workin for the man & w/ your hands sux!i know.but you know what?for where i am now...i wouldnt change a thing.i did it my way!MY WAY!

...Created 2004-06-26 00:15:43

dotsJournal: tweezer beedots
Mood: Crazy

what? what's that you say? what's a tweezer bee? now, wouldn't you like to know...? actually...I don't know what a tweezer bee is... that's why I love saying it! no one knows what f I'm talking about... it confuses the h outta people... and I love that. makes them think, really hard, and to no avail. come on... you gotta agree with me on this one... that's just plain, straight up awesome... well, I think it is. I know, I know. you can say what you want about me being crazy. I agree with you, actually. I back that up 100%. proudly. hmm... *smiles* well, I think I'ma go write something in my livejournal now. I can let out all of this hyperness there without worrying about people be-rating my poetry just because I'm not all there, sometimes. times, for instance, like now... it's all a lovely, vicious cycle that I totally enjoy being thrown into... ~.^ java-
<3 Jade

...Created 2004-06-22 20:28:33

dotsJournal: Who Am Idots
Mood: Angry

For a while I tell myself that I was born to be an actress and a writer, but everyday I chose the path the keeps me away from this passion I have. I devote myself to my family and kids leaving behind my dreams.

Why do I mutilate my love this way?

...Created 2004-06-22 13:12:33

dotsJournal: dots
Mood: The Usual

Subject: untitled
From: EternitysLyre
On: 2004-06-22

Welll. Now that I have pm, I'm going to much less....kind.

That poem sucked outright and we both agree. Behind that, your other two poems sucked too. Are those your best work? I was trying to read through something like 30 or 40 poems just now, and I didn't comment on them, you know why?

Take your most wild guess. I wasn't awestruck, obviously, as I was responding quite quickly to your assault on my person, and I wasn't ignoring you either.

Your comment was...baseless and vague.

My comment was balanced, very balanced. I made neither negative nor positive on my first comment, do you realize? I was trying to be objective.

*grins* now that this is up close and personal, and everyone can read it nice and clear on your page, I'm going to pull the stops and make a full-blown critique.

First off, you are ugly. Stop putting that picture of yourself up. I'm ugly too, but what's more important is what Ms. Self-important thinks.

Now, as for your poetry, I daresay I'm quite impressed. Although your work is in general too short for the likes a verbose me, it captures the minute shades of emotion that I have very little success in working on.

However, that doesn't mean you're good. Now that you're comforted, I'm going to have fun criticizing every poem I want.

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...Created 2004-06-22 08:37:43