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dotsJournal: Developingdots
Mood: Guess what!?

Wow...I think I started on this site when I was I'm 19 and minoring in writing. I think my work has grown a lot. It is fun to look at the progress that I have made over the years.

...Created 2009-03-31 11:14:43

dotsJournal: Schmuckdots
Mood: Relaxing

I know, people have been kindly commenting on my work and I have been a bit of a scrub about getting back to people lately. But my winter break is almost here, so I will have a lot more time. I don't like to rush through people things and write meaningless crap; sometimes I spend a half an hour writing back to people about their work. Bear with me and thanks again for the constructive criticism!
- Astarael

...Created 2008-12-10 20:10:48

dotsJournal: Wowdots
Mood: needing coffee

Wow! Almost 2 years later, I find myself back on here. I know my previous poetry isn't bad, but now I have 2 more years of wisdom under my belt. Right now I am taking an Intro to Fiction and Poetry class, and I would like to post my work on here and get even more constructive criticism on it.

P.S. My work is on here because I DO NOT believe it is perfect and I am really hoping that people will have some valuable suggestions for me. If you HATED my work, don't be afraid to tell me so (I promise that I wont take it personally)! But make sure that what you say can HELP ME TO REVISE IT.

...Created 2008-09-21 14:24:40

dotsJournal: 60, 67, 17dots
Mood: The Usual

I was listening to "Volunteers" by Jefferson Airplane. Kind of blasting it in my room and ignoring my parents. It was pretty ironic; the generation the song was referring to being that of the hippies; the culture of my parents. This generation seems like a rebirth of the last generation. I actually think this generation has the potential to be better though. We just need some huge counterculture movement. Indies unite?

My point being, all these hippies are old now. They're getting into old age. This was the fun of 30 years ago. I'm saying this in lieu of turning one year older today. My uncle would have been 60 today had he not died in June. Goddamn I only regret that I had not known him better. He was an awesome guy. A professor, former writer for National Geographic, quite the jokester, and didn't care for religion. I remember the cards he would send us anyway for the holidays. They were hilarious. That kind of clever humor that you want to put away and save. It's something about our birthdays being on the same day, even though we're not blood related, I'm something like him. I wonder if I'll die suddenly too. He randomly had a stroke while he was swimming. Never got to be old and decrepit; fit till he died. His was the first and only funeral I have ever been to. Happy birthday Uncle Donald.

Appropriately, this was Hunter S. Thompson's suicide note:


No More Games.
No More Bombs.
No More Walking.
No More Fun.
No More Swimming.

That is 17 years past 50.

17 more than I needed or wanted.
I am always bitchy.
No Fun -- for anybody. 67.
You are getting Greedy.
Act your old age.
Relax -- This won't hurt."

I know I'm done with the crap of adolescence. And I've really been forced to be an adult lately. But I've decided that if life gets boring for me, I'm going to make a drastic change. Life IS short.

I wonder if I'll die before 60 like my uncle. That would be weird and mean I only have 43 years left to live.

It took Hunter S. Thompson 17 years to figure out that he didn't want to live anymore.

It has taken me 17 years to figure out HOW I want to live..

...Created 2006-11-28 18:51:00