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dotsJournal: Drinkindots
Mood: Thinking...

" BUT OSSIFER, I'm serfically pober!!" "I'm not as think as you drunk I am".

...Created 2007-02-07 19:17:13

dotsJournal: Still Chekkin??dots
Mood: Guess what!?

Not gonna waste my valuable brain power on this ne- more.

...Created 2007-01-06 12:23:01

dotsJournal: NUTTINdots
Mood: The Usual


...Created 2006-12-29 19:38:40

dotsJournal: SADdots
Mood: At War

Are you still checking my poetry??? You know who I am talking to. When do you do it? At work when you should be working? At home when you have no life? Or do you have your other "friends" check for you with just as little life? Whatever, it does not matter. Actually I sincerely hope you read my other poems because free of the constraints which was my past life, I think I have (and many others agree) posted some very good poetry. May I suggest, Baptised into Death, Eulogy for the Forgotten, Or any of the wonderful love poems for my real wife. The one who inspires me. I am sure all those who read them can see real emotion and real love for her.

...Created 2006-12-20 17:12:43

dotsJournal: FUNNEEE!!!dots
Mood: Guess what!?

PSSSSST! Hey yall my exwife and her cronies are regullarly checking my poems. May I suggest to her and all who she has read my stuff some of the love poems I have written for my real wife Cleo. Perhaps "From The Top Down", or "L'Amour" or "Hedonistic Hebitude" or "If" or my favorite "My Hot Second Wife". There are many many others and I would highly suggest reading them all.

...Created 2006-11-28 18:28:27

dotsJournal: Ring Ring Ringdots
Mood: Brain Fried

Who else had their phone die by 11:00 am? Such is the first day back to work after the Thanksgiving holidays. Please do not call me. I am done for the night.

...Created 2006-11-27 17:28:22

dotsJournal: AAARRRRGGGGHHHHdots
Mood: Sigh...

Hey friends, guess what??? Peotic license and freedom of speach MEAN NOTHING!!! I am being sued by my ex wife because of the poem PSYCHO BITCH. You know it is funny, when we were married and I called her that (and I did it frequently) she treadted that name almost as a badge. Many times responding "that's QUEEN psycho bitch to you buster". I know she is so elated she won a small victory over me, well kudos to her. Savor the flavor, because I have won the ULTIMATE victory. RID OF HER FOREVER!!! Perhaps, she really is just jealous of the love poems I wrote for a REAL soulmate, Cleo my wife now and forever. Yep, methinks jealousy is really her main motivation. Or perhaps she thinks she is going to be an old maid the rest of her life. YUK YUK YUK!!!! If you are a fan of the poem and can prove to me you have to association to her whatsoever and you wish a copy of the poem for your OWN psycho bitch, PM me and I can make a copy available for you.

YOur Friend

...Created 2006-11-18 19:34:03

dotsJournal: ARRRRGHHHH!dots
Mood: Sigh...

Well for all my friends here I am sorry to report POETIC LICENSE and FREEDOM OF SPEACH mean NOTHING. I am being sued by my ex wife for defamation because of the poem PSYCHO BITCH. So for the fans of that poem (of which there are many) I am sorry it has been deleted. If you really like it and can prove ytou aren't related, a friend of, her attny. or someone who just might make it available to her, and you really like it, PM me with your email and I will email it to you. Don't it just stink someone can sue anyone for anything? I know she is happy because she added a little inconvience to my life.

your friend

...Created 2006-11-18 19:20:43

dotsJournal: A NEW POETdots
Mood: The Usual

Hey my friends.

You need to go check out a great poem submitted by my step son, ButchCollier. It is called Between life and death. For a 14 year old kid, it is byond the typical childish stuff one usually sees. He has promise. Please go read it and give him some input.
Your Friend

...Created 2006-08-23 18:18:05

dotsJournal: EUPHORIA!!!dots
Mood: Yeay!!

My dog Fargo has been found. For the past three months he has been missing since suffering multible seizures (see my poem Ever). Someone in our neighborhood found him and took him in. Quite accidentally, Cleo was driving at the end of the subdivision, just checking things out, and saw Fargo in a yard. We went there and talked to the owner who let us take our dog back. (He had no choice, but actually he was quite nice and agreed.) Actually I think the $300.00 reward made him feel better. BUT all is well and I GOT MY DAWG back!!! Everyone is so thrilled, except my psyco ex-wife when she reads this... she always hated my dog.

...Created 2006-05-10 19:34:38