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dotsJournal: A Questiondots
Mood: Confused

What can't you write about? I mean, you don't have to be specific....or you could put the things you can't write about in with a bunch of other things that aren't relevant to you (but you wouldn't write about if they were), so I won't know which is the real deal. I'm just curious. I mean somethings are difficult to write about openly- sex/sexuality, religion, drugs and other addictions, anything illegal, your dark secrets,
dark desires, personal sins, embarrassing stuff, stuff that would cause your family to ostracize you, stuff that involved other people IF they wouldn't want it made public, mental illness, suicide, and as I mentioned crimes or illegal things earlier, I should mention that also there would be moral crimes. There's more I can think of, but they start getting more specific, I think, so I'll leave those out for now. What about you?

...Created 2008-06-22 15:21:34

dotsJournal: An Apologydots
Mood: Confused

Sorry to people I have not replied to. I will get around to reading your work and thanking you for your responses- unless I have a break down, die, or something similar, and I'm hoping that doesn't happen.

...Created 2008-06-22 15:16:14