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dotsJournal: Happy New Yeardots
Mood: i love ADTR


I donno

"Twenty bucks says you'll remember me
When you see me on your tv screen-
It may be the first time,
But it won't be the last time."




...Created 2009-01-13 05:51:14

dotsJournal: Previewdots
Mood: Lazy

Here's a little something i'm working on, although i was unaware that i was working on it :S

Maybe my dream
of a fairytale ending
was simply star-studded
with the wrong prince charming

boy, for you
I'll give it a shot
I'm running out of hope
but it's all that i've got


i totally found this on a random piece of paper in a old folder [[=


...Created 2008-12-07 17:40:53

dotsJournal: Ruh-roh...dots
Mood: i can has cheezburger?

so...have you ever seen the movie Good Luck Chuck?
With Dane Cook?
Where he played spin the bottle with a group of kids when he was little and wouldnt fuck this gothic lookin chick so she "put a hex on him" and blah blah blah?

and then the chick he falls in love with or whatev is superrrrrr clumsy and all that mess? bf is those two combined =S

he has some kind of hex on him and he's epic clumsy to the point of retardation.

like when i was with him the other day sitting in the mcdonalds parking lot waiting for his friends to come pick him up, the ball on my eyebrow ring fell out....and we looked and looked and i couldnt find it so i took the ball off my earring and spent like 15 mins trying to get it onto my eyebrow ring....

FINALLY his friends got there and he left and as SOON as he left and NOT A MOMENT LATER, the ball went right onto my eyebrow ring with no problem and once it was on i looked down and found the one that had falled off my eyebrow ring o_O

like a curse was lifted when he left

i swear to dog he's bad luck...

but i guess it sure makes life interesting =S

lol [=


...Created 2008-11-18 18:43:51

dotsJournal: Heya!!dots
Mood: happeh

What goes on peoples!?


...Created 2008-11-10 04:21:38

dotsJournal: Ughdots
Mood: bogged

I hate relationships -_-


...Created 2008-11-06 22:13:26

dotsJournal: Hmmmdots
Mood: sex!? :O

Happy Halloween!! [=


...Created 2008-10-29 03:10:27

dotsJournal: Shitdots
Mood: Fuckin' Happy

Iiiiiiii don't even know what to say :)

Squee life is awesome!

...Created 2008-10-14 02:27:46

dotsJournal: update?dots
Mood: eh, chillin.

So, i've finished my first week at SU and programming is my fave class [=
i made a mad lib[s]!! ^.^

lol, anyway

i haves the internet [= yay!

my bday is friday so im going home this weekend
i miss my peeps.

thinkin about leaving here thurs afternoon and not telling anyone. maybe stay with a friend before i go home [=
donno yet though, depends on how the week goes


...Created 2008-09-29 00:28:27

dotsJournal: Wow, so...dots

Today was my first day of classes at Sullivan University

I've made some friends but i dont have any classes with any of them (except one of my roommates, but we're not really friends)
But i have seen some of them in the halls [=

They smile and it makes me smile xD

erm...the class that i thought i would hate the most is actually my fave so far, but there are 2 classes i havent had yet and it IS only the first day so we'll see.

I get the interwebz tomorrow! :o


kbye [=

...Created 2008-09-22 14:57:33

dotsJournal: So...dots
Mood: Cold, tired, nervous, sore, & kinda sad

It's cold in here

I'm tired

Def nervous bc i leave for college tomorrow....

not sure WHY i'm sore but the majority of my muscles hurttttt >_<

and i'm sad cuz imma miss my friends, of course!

...Created 2008-09-16 06:01:01