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dotsJournal: Becuz Of Medots
Mood: Sniffle...

I am having a really rough nite..I love this guy named Mylo and well I am so afraid that I'm gonna lose him becuz of who I am..I just spent the last hour crying becuz of it..And well he went offline becuz of it..I thik we just need some time to breath calm down..Anyways later

...Created 2006-01-30 23:49:54

dotsJournal: My Partydots
Mood: Hyper

OMG today is my birthday I turn 15!! HELL YES :P...I chilled with quite a few friends tonite it was sooo awesome...I got soooo SURGARHIGH that I could even talk properley and started sketchin out hardcore :P It was great Matt (my best friend in the whole wide fuckin world :P)wasn't gonna come to my party becuz he had another party to go to but like he showed up after his other friends party was over and I was soooo happy cuz I love him so much :P:P:D..Anyways I'm gonna chill and let the sugar in my stomach..Umm settle :P..Later

...Created 2006-01-29 01:49:50

dotsJournal: True Lovedots
Mood: In Love

I love this guy named mylo and today he got in a fight with his dad about coming back here to stay,and then he also said he wanted to come back to stay with me :D...I'm not sure what he is planning on doing but all I know is that he loves me enough to leave everything behind for me....anyways later

...Created 2006-01-25 19:12:54

dotsJournal: Could It Happendots
Mood: In Love

I really like this guy Mylo and he likes me..We really wanna be together but we don't wanna have s long distance realtionship...And he is also giving me time to think about it just incase we truley do wanna start a long distance realitonship...I like him alot I guess I just need time to see where things will take me I guess...Mylo cares alot about me cuz he loves me...Like I love him...Anyways later

...Created 2006-01-21 16:29:12

dotsJournal: Fuck Everythingdots
Mood: Angry

Today I found out I have to chose between going to Districts (school b-ball team) or The B.C Winter Games (wheelchair b-ball) and I dunno what the fuck to do..I need to stay here and support my teamates yet I want to go to the winter games...I also broke up with dylan last night and today at wheelchair b-ball he was being suck a fucking asshole he couldn't even say hi when he saw me or say goodbye when he left yet I fuckin tried my harest to be nice and make sure everythin was ok with him..Today has been a really fucked up day

...Created 2006-01-18 22:07:28

dotsJournal: Not My Daydots
Mood: Sad

Today I was talking to my brothere on the phone and he said that he might be moving to Calgary in the next few days thats only if he decides to take the job offer (which he probaly will) and to all the people reading this my brother means the world to me he's my bro...and I didn't break up with Dylan yet I don't think I can..I like him and all but I don't wanna go out with him..It's confusing and a sad day for me today..anyways later

...Created 2006-01-15 21:11:19

dotsJournal: Does He Want Medots
Mood: Frustrated

Last night I went to my friend Kat's b-day party...and well my b/f dylan was there along with my good friend corey...and well i got to thinking..dylan always hates how he doesn't get to see me all that much cuz he lives out of town and stuff and well last night corey flirted with me more than my own b/f did and to me that's saying alot and it makes me frustrated...and if you all don't know i am planning to dump dylan..anyways it just doesn't make sense to me how he makes such a nig deal and puts so litlle effort into being happy to see me..and things with me and scott are looking pretty good (after I dump dylan of course:P) but I know thiis time I can't screw it up this is my last chance and I can't blow it cuz I love scott and with dylan I just don't feel a connection..well anyways later

...Created 2006-01-15 13:20:36

dotsJournal: Once Againdots
Mood: Sad

Today I was at the pool and I ran into my ex and it brought back alot of memories (he was giving me a piggyback:P) anyways i sent him an email saying if things didn't work out with me and my dylan (my b/f) if there would be another chance for me and him and i'm just so blue because I want to be with him again...I tried so hard not to shed tears and I was so torn when I left the pool...Anyways later days

...Created 2006-01-14 01:29:57

dotsJournal: Horray 4 Todaydots
Mood: Yeay!!

Today I bought myself the Bob Marley cd I've been wanting for awhile :D...And my b/f came home today..It also sucked cause when I got to see him I couldn't spend time with him cause I had to practice..We saw each other at Wheelchair Basketball..I was going to phone him but dang it's to late :P...That's all for today and to my friends who read this no matter how scared I am I am staying!! :D:D:P Till next time...Later days

...Created 2006-01-11 23:53:09

dotsJournal: Not My Busniessdots
Mood: DANG IT!

My friend Kayla "was" having issues with her b/f...and obviously I got involved cuz I am her BBF and she told me the whole story!..I'm glad that he choice to be with her but yet again I'm not because he puts her through this pain and stress all the time yet she choses to deal with it because she loves him and all but it pisses me off because she shouldn't have to go through this stress yet I'm happy for her because he is a nice guy and he makes her happy which is all that matters..Anyways it's none of my busniess

...Created 2006-01-08 21:31:42