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dotsJournal: in classdots
Mood: Dead Sexy

whats up.. i havent got to write ne thing in a long time. i have been so busy and in love with logan!!! lol ne ways i really am about to put some more poems on here if i can get around to it! i love my baby! peace

...Created 2006-11-08 10:24:14

dotsJournal: groundeddots
Mood: In Love

Gahh. Well I'm sitting at my dad's house wondering why I'm so down. I feel like writing poetry, but everytime I think of something good, it either slips my mind or just doesn't seem good enough at all. I wish that I could be at home in my own security blanket, talking to Logan, but under the circumstances, that doesn't seem likely.....

...Created 2006-09-23 09:23:19