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dotsJournal: R.I.P.dots
Mood: The Usual


...Created 2007-02-17 21:05:59

dotsJournal: dots
Mood: The Usual

I think I may be an existentialist.

...Created 2007-02-14 00:02:23

dotsJournal: dots
Mood: The Usual

Pookong and Jesus!!!

...Created 2007-02-13 23:10:23

dotsJournal: a haibundots
Mood: The Usual

More socks and more coats and all their clothes at once. A line of delicate mirrors wrapped in blankets during the move. White ghosts tell you everyone is still breathing. The river is still breathing. Inside are the simple dreams of soup and bread and more socks and more coats and more blankets. And these are the people that will tell you that simple dreams are the best dreams. But the grimmer faced ones will tell you that no dreams are the best dreams. And later, the river will breathe blissful life into them, an infallible dreamless sleep.

                         winter blue pressure—
                         ice swelling
                         a full pipe is u n d o n e

...Created 2007-02-07 21:25:17

dotsJournal: haiku/senryudots
Mood: sickly... ugh...

bliss; coloring,
the dragon’s green scales bleed into the sky

from lunar-faded pavement:
pastel haloed,
a bright Saturn-moon

dreams lost, the corporate blue
heron’s sole desire:
to spear your goldfish

ink folded, unfolded;
the automatic butterfly
lies quiet

train whistle—
a departing soldier’s
last goodbye

to die an artic death
is to drown in anesthetic;
harpoon iris

...Created 2007-02-04 20:16:30

dotsJournal: haiku/senryudots
Mood: The Usual

Since I am trapped in some kind of haiku-/senryu-writing-only world, I thought I would give you a brief explanation of their rules.

Haiku: Of or relating to the natural world.
Senryu: Of or relating to human nature.

1 - Contrary to popular belief, the 5/7/5 format is not something required for either the haiku or senryu. This was developed merely as a way to introduce the concept to elementary school students. The standard rule for English haiku/senryu is 17 or less syllables, divided over three lines.

2 - Very rarely is a haiku/senryu one run on sentence; they are most often divided into two parts, which is usually denoted by a colon, semi-colon, or dash. These two parts can often appear unrelated, but that is part of the tool: creating resonance between two contrasting images or pieces.

3 - Only proper nouns are capitalized in hiaku/senryu, and they are never closed with punctuation, whether it be a period, question mark or exclamation mark.

4 - And apparently, haiku and senryu are only titled in very rare instances.

Hmm... I think that's all the important stuff for now.

...Created 2007-02-02 15:09:16

dotsJournal: infinite mandots
Mood: The Usual

This novel is a month and a half plotted, and I finally broke soil tonight...

Edward Leer was a sympathetic man, an undesirable quality for a person of his position, but a quality the service register was oblivious to. It was plausible that he would never have been selected should there be a way to quantify such a thing, but there of course wasn’t, and that is why Edward was selected as an advisor.

...Created 2007-02-01 00:18:05

dotsJournal: !dots
Mood: The Usual

It's a senryu attack! You cannot defeat it! Mwahahaha!... Mwahahaha!... Mwahahahahahaha COUGH COUGH COUGH hahahmwahaha...



...Created 2007-01-31 00:51:33

dotsJournal: dots
Mood: Something like restless...

The left leg always trembles
first, then paranoia eyes.
Another mind’s progressive suicide,
the next firearm juggling act, and
a domino sunrise
for the umpteenth time.

If you don’t surrender we’ll blow you away
with one striking breath

and deep exhale

of hydrogen flash and flame. A forest
means dusk, and green rolls like waves;

that is how we will burn the sea
with matches and newspaper.

...Created 2007-01-30 00:43:42

dotsJournal: Reddots
Mood: The Usual

The oceans are all rolling shadow
and there’s a smudge on the sky;
please, that frown won’t serve you,
you can play so many instruments
you’re a legend, and still
I can’t articulate a single note
to play or read, and that letter was just the first
in your name. All the red
flags hoisted in the ghastly light
of a cracked glow stick,
the black and white snapshot
that revealed your blue eyes, and…
I wanted to whisper
but coughed to clear my throat,
wanted to sheet my pillows in your sunrise
scarlet locks, wanted to say that you were winter
dressed in autumn’s blazing gowns.

You were all red blossoms
and forever

trapped in the split horizon
between ocean and sky.
I’m so tired of penning lists and numbers
and steering this sailboat into the sun.
There can be no common denominator here.
I wanted you to blink words at me
through your artic eyes,
to destroy me with a kiss
of your molten lips.
I wanted you to go home…
please go home, please
go home

and take me with you.

...Created 2007-01-25 02:39:23