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dotsJournal: Make Believedots
Mood: Sigh...

How many times in a day do we tell someone that we are fine when we really are not? I find it funny how many times we say things that we know are lies. How many times will a person say they are sorry for somthing that does not relate to them, but they say it anyhow though they are not sorry at all. Interesting how we are creatures of habbit. Each day we put on a mask and half the time we don't even know what it is like to not wear one. We just play our make believe game and continue life on as if nothing is ever wrong or right. Ahhh...okay I'm done preaching. LOL, love ya Ty.

...Created 2006-10-30 21:15:02

dotsJournal: Life in Generaldots
Mood: In love...and bored

I am curently ungrouned! Yay, I can get on the internet! This of course is possible only by me getting on to do homework only. I can't get on as often because the excuse I got homework is getting stretched. So for now Moreta, Angel, and Cathy plus my others are still underground and I'll try to write when I can.

...Created 2006-09-06 13:31:51